How to Start Drop-shipping Business

Today, drop shipping is considered the most popular fulfilment module among new retail business owners. This is because you do not need to handle or store the items you are going to sell, This leaves an opportunity that’s up for grabs with microbusiness owners. Some sellers even claim to own a 7 figures drop shipping store and here’s how you can get a piece of the action

To start the profitable drop shipping business, below are few steps that are guidelines to help you succeed.

Select your niche

The niche is one in which you and all your business will be focused and interested. If you are not passionate about your niche, you may get discouraged and give up because this business requires a hard work.

  • Make sure your niche is focused on attractive profits and has a very low shipping cost.
  • Your product must have the potential that the buyer can have it with their financial ability.
  • People must actively search for your products.
  • It is best to have your own brand to seek a good profit. You can also sell ​​the products that are not available locally on the streets for good profit.

Conduct competition research

Starting a drop shipping business means you have to compete with other e-commerce competitors and retail giants such as Amazon and Alibaba. Here, many direct shippers make the mistake of opting for a niche or product with little or no competition. They don’t understand that there is some flaw where that product has no market, such as high shipping cost, manufacturer defaults, or low-profit margins.

Therefore, you should opt for products with high demands and competition for better profit margins and business growth.

Reliable Product Supplier

The next step you need to take is partnering with the right supplier. Find and communicate with suppliers regarding their product quality, speed of response, and delivery time. If the potential supplier is 100% trustworthy, you should go with him; otherwise, don’t risk your business.

Also, talk to experienced entrepreneurs on this point and also research on the internet to avoid any mishap.

Build your e-commerce website and create a customer acquisition plan

First, create your own e-commerce website for your business, and then the next step is to establish an acquisition plan to attract customers. The simple and effective way for this purpose is the Facebook ad campaign.

After a while, you can also opt for email marketing and SEO.

Track, Optimize And Analyze Data

Track all metrics and data to grow your drop shipping business. The Facebook conversion pixel data and the traffic from Google Analytics are useful in this regard. When you know where your customers originate from, you can optimize it.

You cannot rely on the same marketing solution advertising campaign for a long time. You need to adjust current campaigns by testing new opportunities constantly. This will allow you to know more about when to change or optimize your investment in the campaign.


You can start the successful drop shipping business by following above mentioned essential steps. It includes selecting the profitable niche, proper market research, choosing a reliable service provider, and having a responsive website with all data tracking and comparison.

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