We do not charge taxed on orders placed through our platform and a retailer certificate is not required to start selling with us.

Our suppliers are vetted and approved from all over the world , these are all examined for quality and shipping speed, below we explain all aspects in detail:

ASIA PACIFIC : These are suppliers from Hong Kong, Malaysia , Mainland China and Thailand . These suppliers often have warehouses in the USA & Canada or can guarantee fast shipping times with DHL and Fedex at affordable prices .

Note: When a shipping time is displayed as example : 5-8 business days , this includes the processing times and means the item would arrive within the specified days after fulfillment order is placed.

EUROPE: These refer to European based suppliers that we have partnered with , these suppliers ship exclusively to the EU and UK . These are divided into zones .

  • Zone 1 : Germany, Netherlands, Austria, Pland, France , Lithuania
  • Zone 2 : Spain, Portugal, Italy, Switzerland, Slovenia , Croatia , Denmark
  • Zone 3 : Hungary, Ukraine, Greece, Romania, Albania , Latvia, Sweden , Norway, Finland , Bulgaria

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Xcatalog is a platform designed with one sole purpose, to provide access to genuine and exclusive fast shipping suppliers for dropshipping, each supplier and product is thoroughly reviewed by our team to ensure they meet the quality standards professional dropshippers expect. 

We only integrate suppliers that ship with a maximum of 5 business days, meaning you would most of the dropshipping products on our platform ships in an average of 1-3 business days.

Our Suppliers are mostly from the USA,CANADA and EUROPE, ensuring we cover a wide range of shipping destinations worldwide.

Each supplier is reviewed by our team to ensure your customers are being shipped exactly what is advertised as well as on time delivery of all packages .